James or Chris?

I saw this tag and thought it looked like a fun one to brag about my amazing husband!

What is his name? James Paul Shores
How long have you been married? 3 and 1/2 years.
How long did you date? We dated for 5 months and were engaged for 5 months.
Who said "I love you first"? He did.
Who is smarter? He is better with literature and grammar, but I kick his butt at math!
Whose temper is worse? His.
Who does the laundry? We both do. He usually puts it in and I fold and put away.
Who does the dishes? He usually does. I do them about 3 times a week and he and my sisters do them all the other days while they are watching Madi. We don't have a dishwasher and we wash dished about 4 times a day... I am not joking.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? He does.
Who pays the bills? I do... he doesn't even know what bills we have, where the stamps are or how much money is in our bank account. He is cute, not bright :)
Who cooks dinner? I cook for Madi and I. James doesn't get home from school til late and he eats way to healthy to eat our dinner. He eats spinach, cottage cheese, eggs, chicken and protein shakes a million times a day! you think I'm joking, but I'm not.
Who drives when you are together? He does, unless he wants to eat, then I do.
Who is more stubborn? We both are... but I like to pretend like he is.
Whose parents do you see the most? Mine. They just moved closer so now we see them a lot more.
Who proposed? He did.
Who has more friends? In San Diego I do and in Utah he does. But let's be honest... all his friends think I'm cooler.
Who has more siblings? He has two brothers and I have 4 sisters and 2 brothers.
Who wears the pants in the family? I always wear the pants! James even says I love my short hair because it makes me "the man" even more!
Who is taller? He is.
Who sings better? He does. I am tone deaf.
Who is first to admit it when they are wrong? I am. Even if it wasn't my fault. He likes to hold onto grudges and I like to get over it :)
Any Special message for Hubby? You are the hottest guy I've ever known. I love everything about you. I am so thankful for all of your patience and support through all of our struggles these last two years. You are smart, wise, funny, kind, and have big muscles... what more could a girl ask for. Thank you for being my best friend and my Indian Outlaw :)


HSM 3!

I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into when I said yes on Thursday night! I came home from school and my lovely sisters said, "12:01, are you in or are you out?" I said, "I am in." Then they said good give us your credit card so we can buy our tickets to the midnight showing of High School Musical 3 before they are sold out! If you know me well, then you know that I fall asleep in almost every movie... and the though of staying awake at a midnight showing was a far fetch. So I put Madi to bed at 8 and then took a nap myself from 8-10:30 before the movie. It was well worth it! My sisters and I had a blast acting like little hyper girls... oh wait we do that everyday :)

This is on the way to the theater...

This is waiting in line- Erin and Stacey bought just a couple of things to eat: grasshopper cookies, coke, rockstar, water, swedish fish, twizlers, reese's peanut butter cups and of course miniature hershey's bars! I think we gained about 10 puonds each!

After the movie we were even bigger dorks and posed next to the poster outside the theater! Ya I know you're jealous! James wanted to go really bad, but he had to watch Madi. I promised him he could go to HSM 4!

Zoo Trip to Hogle

Over the fall break at school we were lucky enough to enjoy some beautiful weather and visit the zoo again. Grandma, Grandpa, Nicki and Blake joined us for the day. Madi is so lucky to have half of her grandparents live so close now. If only we could convince the other grandparents to move a tad closer!

Madi loved looking at all the animals, especially the big cats. She would just point and say "Roooaaarrrr". Thanks to grandpa she was able to have a great view all day!

The tiger was out on the prowl so we got to see him up close and personal. Every time he went around the corner Madi would throw her hands up and say "Where he go?" She would do it over and over so dramatically. We love our adorable drama queen!

One the best things about Hogle Zoo is how manageable it is. It is the perfect size for Madi to walk (About 2 hours to see it all) then they have a playground, train ride, and carousel for the kids. It is just enough, but not too much!

The weather was perfect for a lot this... walking. Madi of course was way to big for a stroller so we slowly walked all day and it was great.


My class went on a fieldtrip to Cornbelly's last week. It was such a great day with my class and all of the kids had so much fun. The highlight of the day though was being able to bring Madi along. I spend all day with my class who I adore, but it was so nice to be "mommy" all day too. Madi absolutely loved everything there and was kicking and screaming when it was time to go home. Here is just a little sample of all the fun things we did...

Picking out a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch

Madi kissing her "baby pumpkin"

Mommy and Madi needing to kiss the pumpkin

Proud little owner of a perfect handpicked pumpkin

Crawling through the tunnel

Sitting on the train

Rubber Duck races

Riding on the animals

Bouncing on the "Pillow" trampoline

Playing teatherball with Auntie Stacey

Playing in the corn pit

Being buried in the corn pit

The biggest rocking chair ever...

Mommy and Madi

At the end of the day this picture sums it up. I am the luckiest mom in the world! I love Madi so much and am so grateful for the day I spent pretending I didn't have a day job!



My sister Erin is the best sister that you could ever ask for. She is always so selfless and and helpful. She is always there for me and my family. It was funny because just the other night James too mentioned that she was one of a kind and couldn't ask for a better sister-in-law. She is always there when I need a quick babysitter or when I need some company. Basically I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing she is and I love her to death.


The Manila Mummy!

Every other Friday my students have the chance to participate in our Fun Friday Club. I have fabulous parents that come in and plan great activities to reward the students. This last Friday they turned eachother into Mummies! It was so cute to see them all having such a great time. At the end they decided to use the extra toilet paper and wrap me up too! It was so fun... although it got a little hot in all that paper and they kept trying to knock me over! I love my class so much... they are the sweetest, cutest and smartest kids!

Nicki's Special Day

This weekend we were able to attend the baptism of my littlest sister Nicole. It was such a nice day and she looked so beautiful. Madi thinks her aunt Nicki is the greatest thing in the world... next to Elmo that is :) As you can see every time we tried to get a picture of Nicki, Madi had to jump in and be the center of attention... she must get it from her dad (ha! Ha!).