Announcing Baby Crew

Crew Alexander Shores

Born on Sunday June 26th at 12:38 am
5 lbs. 12 oz.
18 inches
The most precious moment. Madi is in heaven as big siser. She is so soft and gentle with Crew. It is priceless. He is already so blessed with an amazing sister to watch over him.

 One day old and already the handsomest boy I know. Here he is just after leaving the hospital with our little boy and dream come true! We are so blessed by our Heavenly Father for this beautiful child of God! 


Getting Ready for Baby CREW!!!

All of my fabuous friends and family in San Diego threw a baby shower for me in June. Kortney, Heather, and Jen did an amazing job as always... it looked like it came straight out of a Martha Stewart magazine. They did everything in a sailor theme and it was PERFECT!! I really do have the best friends in the world that love me and support me even when I live in Utah :) There were many good friends and family members that it was fun to see and celebrate with. 

I had fun getting the nursery ready. These were the first photos I took. So now there are more little touches and decorations to finish things off. I was really happy with the way the room turned out, especially since I spent less than $200 for all the bedding and decorations!!!


Kung Fu

If you didn't know it already, Madi is pretty funny and entertaining. Most people don't get to see this side of her because she tends to save it for her Auntie Stacey, Auntie Erin and Uncle Jared. James and I try to sneek peeks, but usually she gets a little shy when we watch. She is always singing and dancing. Usually in front of a full length mirror so she can admire herself!

This year at preschool she has taken some Karate lessons and she DIDN"T love them! Unfortunately for her she can bend like her mama, which means she CAN'T. She would wake up almost every wednesday and say I am not going to karate today. I know she had fun when she was there, she was just frustrated that it was so hard for her. She would come home and try to do the splits and say,"Mom I can't do this, I don't like karate!"

At the preschool graduation they performed their karate as a part of the presentation and Madi was the most animated hilarious one out there!!! I was so proud of her for having fun with it. Here is the cute "orange belt" Kung Fu Madi.