James 7th... I mean 27th Birthday!

So Thursday was James' birthday. Since we have been married (3 years) James and I have never had a birthday party with friends. We have always just celebrated with immediate family. James has done so much for me in the last few years I thought it would be so fun to surprise him with a "real" party. I have never thrown a surprise party of any kind and was really nervous and anxious.

His brother Jared and I set it up so that he thought he was going to the movies with Jared and then Jared and his girlfriend, Danielle, would watch madi so we could go to dinner. When Jared brought James home from the movie we would all be out in the yard and yell "Surprise!" Everything went smoothly as planned, but Jared had to kill about 30 minutes after the movie before he brought James home. Trying to stall Jared decided to tell James that he needed to go to the grocery store to get some milk on the way home. So I am at the house getting set-up and James calls to ask if we can just give one of our gallons of milk to jared so he doesn't have to go to the store. I of course know that Jared is just making up excuses to stall so I have to pretend to be the greedy sister-in-law and say... "I don't think so honey. I just bought all that milk and I really don't want to have to go to costco again next week." It was pretty classic. But james arrived at the right time and was completely surprised so the mission was successful.

If you know anything about my husband he is infatuated with BATMAN. So I threw him a Batman birthday complete with a pinata and and Batman cake. I told him maybe next year is he is good we can have a spiderman birthday :)


A New Artist In The House

So I hear this scrapping noise coming from behind the hallway door... and this is what I find...

... Oh yes, all you moms probably already know exactly what it is! We have a new artist in the house named, Madi who has decided walls are much more fun for pencils than paper! Here is the proud artist posing by her artwork :)


Mother's Day!

Mother's Day had a whole new meaning for me this year. James and I recently found out that due to my cancer treatments I am not able to give birth to any more children. We feel so blessed to have our little Madi and hopefully many more of our own through adoption. That being said this Mother's Day I was able to reflect on the joy and blessing it is to be a mother. I love my precious daughter so much and can't imagine experiencing this life without her. I know that I am not always the perfect mother, but everyday I love Madi even more (which I didn't know was pssible) and I am constantly trying do better. James' parents gave me a sweet mother's day card and my Mother-In-Law, Dolly wrote the sweetest quote in it. When I read it I realized my best isn't that bad.

"A mother relating to her child in the private intimacy of her home, with no audience but the unseen angels, is the predominant influence for all that is good and decent in the world."
- George D. Durrant

I am so Grateful for my mom that taught me to be loving, kind, selfless, forgiving, and patient through example. She is my bestfriend and I love her so much. I am thankful for my "new" mom, Dolly. She has taught me all of the same endearing qualities as well. I am continually learning from these two amazing mothers in my life and everyday I look up to them for love and guidance. Thanks Moms!

This is an old picture of Madi and I

My Mom (Pat) and Madi

My Mother-In-Law (Dolly) and Madi