"Potty Mouth Update"

For all of you that were second guessing whether or not you wanted to let your child play with mine, I am happy to report that we have seen some fabulous improvement. I got a little nervous in sacrament meeting, at church today,  when her little toy went rolling out into the aisle... I was preparing for the worst, but instead she just quietly picked it up. That's my girl! I have not heard the naughty word in 3 days!!


Face of an Angel, Mouth of the Devil

Looking at this face makes me think about how sweet and loveable my little girl is. Although adorable, this little one is too smart for her own good. For those of you that remember an earlier post a few months ago, I am sorry to say I am back again reporting some bad news. We learned early on that Madi is very attentive to the adults in her life and their trademark sayings. In October Madi started say "CRAP" every time she dropped something. I must admit that I take full credit for that saying.

However, this time I do NOT take credit for her new "choice" words. I blame them 100% on her babysitters (Daddy, Auntie Erin, and Auntie Stacey). By their titles you would think she was in good hands, but I am starting to rethink my choice in daycare.

On Sunday morning I very nicely asked Madi to put the cushion back on her chair. And she responded in the most annoyed 16 year old voice, "Dammit, Ughh, Stupid" as she threw the cushion back on her chair. Yes that was all one sentence that came slurring out of my 2 year-old's mouth!

I looked at her shocked... and did my best not to laugh. Then I ran in the bedroom and woke up James to tell him about our daughter's "potty mouth". Since Sunday I have been teaching her (every time she says dammit) that it is not a nice word and that we say "uh oh" instead. Now if we can just teach DADDY that!

It is not all dad's fault though.  James is notorious for saying, DAMMIT. Erin is notorious for her moaning, UGHHH, and Stacey is notorious for always saying, STUPID when she is frustrated.  Hence the combination of "Dammit, Ughh, Stupid!" So thank you all for being such great role models in Madi's life. I couldn't raise her without you!