Happy Halloween!

I was so excited for Madi to dress up for Halloween this year. Last year I was in the hospital and she wasn't walking yet, so our costume choices were limited. This year James picked her costume... who would've guessed. He said by next year she would know what Halloween was and would most likely be telling us which princess she wanted to be. Being as James is a Batman fanatic... He choose Batgirl! She did make the most adorable Batgirl I have ever seen and I did have a great time making her costume. You must also know that Madi LOVES Elmo so of course her costume was not complete without her Elmo bucket. Here are some pictures of sweet little Batgirl.

We went trunk-or-treating in Hooper at Madi's Great Grandparents. My Grandpa Cooks chili for hundreds of people and everyone lines up their cars to pass out candy. Madi was a little nervous when we first got there with all the masks and scary faces, but after a few minutes she warmed up to the idea of costumes. At about the third car she had the whole taking candy from strangers thing down too. We trunk-or-treated for and hour and then went back to my Aunt and Uncles. When Madi saw that the kids were going to do more trick-or-treating, she was all about that. Grandpa took her out with Nicki for another hour and when she got tired he carried her on his shoulders. What a great Grandpa!

Here is a fun picture of most of my crazy cousins and my Aunt Carol. We had a great time celebrating with them. We are so lucky to live so close to such a fun and loving family.


Trick-Or-Treat Day 2008

This Halloween was great at my new school. They go all out for Halloween. The parade and party were so much fun... Most of the parents that come to watch the parade dress up as well. I dressed up as a clown... Kinda scary I know! I had to put my crazy hair to some good use.

Here is my great class... I know every teacher says that, but they really are.

Here are my two newest best friends... Fellow Second Grade teachers Linda (Minnie Mouse) and Holly (Wind Up Doll). They fill my long days away from Madi with laughter. We spend so much time "Playing" I mean teaching, that one of my students said "You love Mrs. Deaver don't you?" At least once a day I will go looking in one of their rooms to ask them something and they will be missing... so I will pop into the other room and low and behold there they are having a pow-wow without me... how rude :)