La Jolla Shores

The weather was so beautiful in San Diego. We spent a whole day at the beach enjoying 74 degree weather with no wind. Madi was in heaven even though the water was freezing cold she didn't care. We played in the water, built sand castles, dug pits, played on the playground, but mostly ate half the sand on the beach. I'm pretty sure I said "No Madi don't eat the sand," about a million times. As you can see in the pictures I eventually said forget it and just let her chow down. We took my sister Nicole and her friend Dylan with us and Madi loved playing with them. The beach was such a part of my childhood and I wish Madi was able to live by the beach also...hopefully someday!!


Madi's Friends

Madi and I had such a fun time playing with our friends. I spent a lot of time with my friends Heather and Brook. They have adorable kids and I used their little girls as hair models for my Baby Madi Designs Hair Accessories. Madi wasn't very cooperative during my amateur photo shot, but Brielle and Michaela were angels. Brielle is 2 1/2 and Michaela is 15 months. Thanks beautiful girls!

San Diego Zoo

While visiting my family I took Madi to the zoo with my mom and sister Nicki. My friend Jen and her two cute kids, Reese and Dallin, came along also. I really didn't thing Madi would understand the whole zoo experience with such a short attention span. She loved it though. It was so cute to watch her smile and laugh at all of the animals. When we went to the bear exhibit she started clapping for the bears... it was too cute! She loved going with her grandma and would get so excited to make sure grandma saw every animal too. Here are some photos from our fun day.