What a difference a year makes!

My family (most of it) ran in the Salt Lake City 1/2 Marathon AGAIN this year! We had so much fun last year we decided to make it a yearly tradition. Maybe next year we can get my LAZY brothers and HUSBAND to do it! 

Last year my goal was to finish, and I did. This year my goal was to run it in under an 11 minute mile pace.

The RESULT... 10:07 minute mile pace! so my official time was 2:12:39!!
I took 33 minutes off my time from last year, and that makes me smile!

Here I am getting my victory kiss

Here is our official FINISH ORDER picture... (I went from 5th to 1st this year)

Here are my sisters. We ran the first 12 miles together and then split at the last mile and it was every chick for themselves

We are already anticipating next year! My goal next year is a 9:15 mile pace... dream big right?


"Mommy, My Turn!"

I finally got my first HAIRCUT! I have been waiting a year and a half, but it was well worth it. Brooke (My Hair Stylist Extraordinaire) did a fabulous job. I can finally wear my hair down without looking like Billy Ray Cyrus. 

While I was waiting on my hair to process, Madi said:

"It's my turn Mommy!"

I already planned on having her get her first trim, but she was much more excited when she thought it was her idea. Here are some shots of the beauty queen. The trim was so little that it didn't even call for before and after shots. I am probably the only one who can even tell it is a tad shorter. Daddy and I are just not ready to say goodbye to the adorable curls!


Grandma and a Baby

Grandma and Grandpa Shores came for a visit a couple of weeks ago. It had been awhile since they had been out to Utah. We had a great, but too short weekend. While they were here we visited my cousins family and their new little boy, Keenan. Madi loved holding him. However, her favorite part of the visit was jumping on the trampoline and playing cars with Jonah and Andrew. 

* Note to picture- this is the first picture I have ever seen of Madi where her head doesn't look bigger than mine.