Madi came and brought me lunch today at school like a good little girl. She was being so good I decided to let her stay and play with the class a little bit. We were having a math lesson on Congruent Shapes and she was a big help. She heard us talking about circles so she drew as many as she could fit all over my boards while the class was working.

I told my class how much Madi loved to read and tell stories. They asked if she would read one to them. I didn't think that she would be brave enough... but I guess I was wrong. She read them one of her favorite books, How Dinosaurs Go To School. They were so quiet and attentive... I wish they were that well behaved when I was teaching!


This Post Is For The Grandmas...

Madi is getting so big and so smart. As a teacher I know the capacity that children have to learn so quickly, but as a mom it still amazes me. Madison is doing something new each day that just simply amazes me and makes me feel so proud. So Grandma Shores and Grandma Leavitt, here are her accomplishments just after turning two:

- potty-trained (except at nap/bedtime) 90% of the time!

- Counts to twelve and can identify some of her numbers: 1,2,3,and 6...she really likes 6 for some reason:)

- Can draw a circle and a smiley face

- Knows her shapes: circle, square, and triangle

- Know all the words to "I Am A Child Of God" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"

- Says prayers at every meal and snack and nap and bedtime, or whenever else she feels the need :)

- Knows some of her colors: red, yellow, pink

- Can identify some of her letters: h,w,d,a,m,f,i,e,g...Not sure whey those are her favorites.

- Can spell her name: Madi... it is so cute. I write her name and then she says "M" "A" "D" "I"... then I say, "What does that spell?" then she says, "Madi" and points to herself! It is so cute!!

- Has "Meno" a.k.a. "Nemo" memorized!

- Can completely dress herself from undies to pants, shirt, jacket, socks and shoes all by herself! She will not accept help... she it very independent.

- Can go potty all by herself and brush her teeth all by herself.

- Can make her own chocolate milk and tries to all day long.

- Can still give the best hugs and kisses, smiles, and laughs that any mom could ask for!!

I love my little girl so much and love watching her grow and learn. I am so lucky to have you both as moms and Madi is so lucky to have you both as grandmas.