We had a great time at my mom and dad's this year for Easter. The Easter Bunny hid gigantic eggs in the back yard for Nicki and Madi. I guess the rest of us were too old. Madi made out with a lot of candy, coloring books, bubbles, and even a new outfit. The Easter Bunny is definitely in and economic crisis like the rest of us! Even thought we had a great time with the family and all of the Easter festivities, most of all it was a great day to remember our Savior, Jesus Christ and the gift of the atonement. I am so grateful everyday for the blessings I receive because of His willingness to atone for our sins. I know that my Redeemer lives.


And the Winner Is...


James entered his first writing competition and submitted a short screenplay. He is such an amazing writer (that I already know), but it was nice for him to be recognized as such with an award. He won the First Place award and $500 prize money. I am sure it is just the start and that there will be many more to come.