My Pretty Petals- Wedding Flowers

For years I have wanted to start my own floral business for weddings and events.

This month I made my dreams come true and My Pretty Petals is now officially open for business. In the last three weeks I have already booked 4 weddings!! I am really excited and hope I stay busy through the summer while I am not teaching. Check out my website and tell all of your engaged friends.

Here is my logo and some of my photos


Miss Madi in March

March has been pretty dull in our house, but Madi has still managed to keep herself entertained. She is always up to her darling little shenanigans. For example...

What is missing in this bed an hour after bedtime?

Oh yes, the 3 year old
Oh wait, she is as snug as a bug in a rug... In her mommy's bed

She is one sneaky little ninja.

Madi waited a long time to build a snowman and finally got her wish a few weeks ago. After 5 minutes outside this is what she was doing... 
not helping with the snowman, but wandering the yard with a butter knife. 

Have no fear though, the snowman was built by daddy.

After about 40 minutes I thought maybe I should go check on James and make sure he was still alive and this is what James was doing...

Yeah, you guessed it ... building the abominable snowman in our front yard.

I love my 2 weirdos very much!