A Little Lesson on Faith

Here are some highlights from a few weeks ago:

Incident #1:

Jaks- "Mom, when am I going to be in Iron Man?"
Me- "You already were Iron Man for Halloween."
Jaks- "No mom, I mean when am I going to be IN the Iron Man movie?"
Me- "You are not going to be in the movie honey."

...and then here comes Madi's contribution from the back seat...

Madi- "Jakson, If you want to be in the movie you can just say a prayer and ask Jesus and he will help   
            you be in the movie."
Jaks- "Nevermind mom, I'll just ask Jesus."

Incident #2:

I was tucking Madi into bed and she said...

Madi- "Mom, I asked Jesus for something once and he didn't do it."
Me- "Well honey what did you ask for?"
Madi- "I don't rememer, all I remember is that he didn't do it!"

It was really hard not to laugh cause I certainly have felt that way a time or two.


Jakson and Crew's first wrestling match.

Madi looks extra glamorous with a little eyeliner and mascara leftover
from her Halloween costume the night before. 

My boys.

The saddest face. Ever. Crew is sick for the very first time. Poor little guy. He just wanted to curl up on daddy. He hadn't slept all day, he was exhausted, but he just kept fighting it. 


Today was a great day! It was a glimpse of many holidays to come. I have always loved this time of year with the holiday season beginning and so much family time. The best part of the holidays for me is seeing the excitment on the kids' faces. This year with 3 adorable kids we are bound to have 3x the fun. Halloween has already been a blast and it is still 2 days away!!


handsome little man CREW

JAKSON saw me taking pictures of Crew, so he ran and put his hat on for a pose.

He is a HANDSOME little DUDE too!


Just Another Sunday

a little sunday afternoon sibling love


Crew's Newborn Pictures

I should have posted these 2 months ago, but having 3 kids now means I am much SLOWER at getting things done. He really is the sweetest and easiest baby!

He just had his 2 month check-up and he is still little... he is stretching longer, but not mush wider!

He went from the 10th to the 20th percentile in weight and from the 6th to the 60th in height!! He is a little string bean.


And then there were THREE!!!

Life in the shores house has just been blessed with another handsome little boy. On Saturday we welcomed Crew's big brother Jakson into our family and officially adopted him Monday! It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but an answer to our prayers. Madi is so proud to have 2 new brothers. We love little crew and little Jakson so very very very much!!!

And here is the darling little Crew at one month old.


Crew Weeks 1 and 2

1 week old

5lbs 10 oz
19 inches

2 weeks old

6 lbs 5 oz
19 3/4 inches


Announcing Baby Crew

Crew Alexander Shores

Born on Sunday June 26th at 12:38 am
5 lbs. 12 oz.
18 inches
The most precious moment. Madi is in heaven as big siser. She is so soft and gentle with Crew. It is priceless. He is already so blessed with an amazing sister to watch over him.

 One day old and already the handsomest boy I know. Here he is just after leaving the hospital with our little boy and dream come true! We are so blessed by our Heavenly Father for this beautiful child of God!