Look How Cute We Are

* There used to be a picture of us here, but James saw it and removed it!

**or, James saw it and figured everyone already knows what Jabba the Hutt looks like and does not need to be reminded. In addition, people may think that I was about to eat a woman and her small child and call the authorities. We get enough police visits from Chris' anger issues as it is, thank you very much.

It has been a long time since we have had a picture will all 3 of us actually smiling!

The Sleeping Banana Princess

After reading this post and looking at your pictures you are going to think two things: 
1. What a silly girl! 
... and... 
2. Why is she sleeping on the floor next to our bed again?!?

First off, she is silly and second, we had company in her bed for an entire week. This is not a normal privilege.

First, one night last week she woke up at 12:00 a.m. and said "Mommy I am really hungry." I figured she must be so I got her a banana. I went to the bathroom and came back to see half of the banana eaten and her sound asleep and holding on for dear life to the remainder. She must have know that if she made a mess there would be no more bananas in bed in the future.

Last night was the best! I went in to hug and kiss her after my indoor game and saw a piece of lace peeking out from under her blanket. I thought it was a headband and tried to pull it off, but it was a little bigger than a headband. I started to lift up the blanket and Madi said, "Mommy I'm wearing a princess dress from your drawer so I can be a princess!" I pulled up the covers and there was my adorable 3 year old wearing my Lingerie!! She definitely looked like a princess to me.

This banana eating princess dress wearing little girl can sleep in my room any day if she keeps me laughing  this much!


What Moms CAN'T Do

Madi got a new bike, a big girl bike with training wheels, from the overly generous Easter Bunny this year. And then it snowed for 2 days and she couldn't even try it on for size. But when she finally did we rode it and rode it and rode it. She was so cute and loving it! She could do it by herself immediatly, but got nervous when it would shift onto the training wheels. She had the balance down so I would let go and show her that she didn't need my help and could do it all by herself. The minute I would let go she got nervous and would say, "Don't let go mommy, I need more practice!" It was so cute, but like every good mom (ha ha) I wanted her to be the best and do it without my help. I didn't want to make her scared of it on her first day though so I promised that I would not let go and as hard and tempting as it was, I stuck by my promise.

But then daddy got home from work and Madi wanted to go show daddy how she could ride her new bike. So they set out to ride around the block and Madi came running in the house yelling "I did it Mommy, I am NOT scared! It just did this (and she proceeded to model shaking motions with her body) and I did it by myself!"

Sometimes a girl just needs her Daddy. I am so glad that there are special things in her life that get to be her and daddy things and that they have time to play, learn and grow together. I think she has the best daddy ever!


Sleeping Angel

My favorite thing to do every night before bed is to sneak into Madi's room and give her one last kiss on the cheek or forehead (whatever is visible) and whisper I LOVE YOU and make sure she is tucked in and warm before I collapse into my own bed and fall asleep. The best part about this routine is that somehow no matter how quiet I am or how asleep she looks, she KNOWS I am there. She will whisper back in the sleepiest little voice things like "Hi mom", "I love you too" and "Thanks mom". Being a mom doesn't get any better than that. As our family anxiously awaits another child through adoption (shameless plug) I have been reflecting on how lucky we are to be parents already. I think of the many great men and women who struggle with fertility and don't have any children yet, and feel so blessed by my Heavenly Father. I am thankful and grateful to have my little "Sleeping Angel".  Do I wish and pray for more? YES! Am I okay with waiting and knowing that things will happen when and how the Lord wants them too? YES! I am happy. I am a mom.

This picture is almost 3 years old, but it is one of my absolute favorites. She really is a sleeping angel!