Madison's Half-Birthday

So today Madison is officially One-an-a-half! We had her doctor's check-up today and as Dr. Nielsen said...

"Well she has been big and she is still big!"

Her are her stats:
Height 34.25" (98%)
Weight 30 lbs. (97%)
Head 19.1" (93%)

She only had to get one shot today and she was such a big girl! She laid perfectly still and didn't move while the nurse poked her and she never even cried or fussed! That made me a very happy mom :)

Here are some cute pictures of her that I took after she got home from the gym with Daddy. James takes her to 24 Hour Fitness when he works out and she loves their little bonding time and playing with the kids. When I say, "Madi do you want to go to the gym with dad?" She gets her shoes on, climbs in James' arms and waves to me and says, "Bye". It is pretty cute.

Speaking of talking here are the words Madi has mastered at this point:

Stacey (her aunt)
Thank You
Here Go
Want Some

Some of her favorite things to do are play with her puzzles...

Play outside in her house and ride in her car, and her newest favorite is Rockin' Out with Daddy!! She always wants to be on drums , but sometimes we can coax her into playing the guitar or singing in the microphone.