YES, you read it correctly! We are expecting a baby boy! We feel so blessed and lucky to adopt this little guy and have him as part of our family. Madi tells everyone she sees and it usually goes like this... 

Madi- "Mom can I tell them something?" 
Me- "Sure babe."
Madi- "I'm going to be a big sister to a little baby brother in July!"
Other Person- Looking at me with eyes popping out and jaw dropped open
Me- "Yep! It's true!"

We are having fun getting the nursery ready and buying boy clothes, although I am forbidden to buy more unitl the little guy gets here... I will try, but I can't promise! We are working HARD to pick a name... haven't got very far yet, but we are making some progress. So suggestions are welcome.

Thank you all for sharing in this happy time with us. We are so excited and will keep you posted.


Madison's 4th Birthday... Way Back in December

It all started with an adorable from my friend Emily. She is SO creative. I saw this adorable movie ticket idea from her and then I ripped it off and made it look almost exactly like hers, but not quite as perfect.

We attached the movie tickets to the invitations and every child had to bring their ticket to get in.

Problem: Having a party with lots of friends in the middle of winter when it is snowing is always a challenge and did I mention with a small living space? 

Solution: Turn the living room into one big comfy lounging area, fill it with TONS and TONS of sugar, annoying party horns, cute hats, balloons and a bunch of adorable kids and watch Toy Story 3.

Happy birthday to my little princess! I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures over and over again as much as I do. Love you little girl.