Here's an Update

I made the mistake of leaving James home alone with Madi last Friday, so they went to the pet store and came home with "Nemo". Let's Just hope he lives longer than a few weeks so I don't have to explain the cycle of life to Madi!

We went to the Bean Museum last Saturday with our next door neighbors, the Longs. Their little boy Austin is exactly a month older than Madi and they are best friends!

... Yeah I don't know why they are leaning... I guess the best possible conclusion is: They are 3!

Madi celebrated Valentine's Day with her first Valentine's treats. She made them for all of her friends at school. (Note to self, don't buy them until the night before next time so that we don't have to talk about them and carry them around the house for 2 weeks!)

We took Madi out bowling and it was the worst $22 ever spent! Okay I might be exaggerating, but we drove there played and were home within the hour. Not a good time/cost ratio, but we had fun.

Couldn't resist the cool shoes!

After about 20 minutes of bowling this is what Madi did...

James and Madi have been busy making forts and having lots of fun while mom is busy teaching. Hopefully someday soon Mommy will get to be busy making forts while daddy is busy working. Dad better enjoy it while he can. Madi doesn't even realize how lucky she is to have so much precious time with just her dad.

... and that is the end of the update.


Happy Valentine's Day to the Man I LOVE!

It was a short 5 1/2 years ago that our love began with a phone call...

"Hello, Is the most gorgeous girl in the world there?"
"Yes, this is Chris."
"Will you go out to dinner with me tonight?"

"I would love to. As long as it is not seafood."

Well it definitely wasn't seafood. It was Taco Hell. I should have gasped and ran, but who was I to deny a good looking boy a night out? And besides I love Taco Bell. That day as we sipped our Baja Blast Mountain Dew we knew it was love at first sight. The picture is proof. He can't even take his eyes off me while he drinks.

The dinner was followed by some playful wrestling... the "G-Rated" kind.

And the date was sealed with a smooch!

Here we are February 15th 2010.
The little Rascal (Madi) is away at Grandma's.
We are headed out today for our Valentine's date...

*Lunch at Taco Bell (Some things never change)
* Movie in Salt Lake
*Walk around and enjoy the city
* Check-In at the hotel
* A little wrestling... now the "PG-13" kind
* And many, many smooches!

Happy Valentine's Day to my one and only true love, Mr. James Paul Shores.