Happy Halloween 2009

When I showed Madi her costume a few weeks before Halloween she said, "Mommy is that my Cinderella? I LOVE IT!" 


Madi is obsessed with dogs! Here she is hugging and loving on a ceramic dog from her Great Grandma Widdison's front yard. Maybe I should have dressed her up as a veterinarian.

The little princess went for a walk out to visit the horses while everyone was getting ready. On her way back to the house she was running and lost a shoe. It was just like Cinderella losing the glass slipper. And just like the real Cinderella, Madi didn't stop to grab it... she just ran through the whole field and garden with one shoe.

"Granny" Shores was able to join us for Trunk-Or-Treating. She was a little slow and awnry, but we were glad she could join us!