Boating with Grandma and Grandpa

We had the chance to go boating with my Grandparents on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. I have to say thank you grandpa because you spoiled us and we love you. My grandpa tried to ditch us and go four-wheeling instead, but we begged him and he gave in to all his wonderful granddaughters. We love you grandpa!

Madi and the cousins

She looks petrified, but she loved it and didn't want to get off!

Enjoying the ride (Madi and Mommy)

Gioia and Alysia about to fall

Gioia trying to ride a pony... she didn't really get that we were tubing...she's a little slow

Chris, Erin, and Stacey... trying to act tough, but Grandpa threw us off pretty easily

My beautiful sisters: Gioia, Erin and Stacey

The little self absorbed princesses posing for the camera again!

You CAN'T trust daycare these days...

So I leave my adorable little princess home while I teach with my responsible sisters.. or at least I thought so, because this is what I find when I get home from school today...

... they say she was standing on her tricycle (in the livingroom) and fell off and hit the tv stand... at least that's what they say. The jury is still out on that one!


Oh #@*%!!

So I've noticed how people always add cute little sayings from their kids to their blogs. I thought I could join this fad by sharing Madi's newly acquired vocabulary. It is pretty cute, but slightly embarassing... Madi has learned the wonderful phrase of... "Oh Crap!" It all started the other day when her Elmo video ended and the vhs tape (we are really outdated at our house) went fuzzy. She put her hands in the air and said "Oh crap!" James and I looked at eachother with the "did she just say what we think she said" look. Well a little while later she confirmed it when she dropped her book and said "Oh crap" again. I must admit it is adorable, but I'm not sure I want to be the one held responsible teaching the questionabloe language to a 21 month old!


My sister Gioia celebrated her 20th birthday this weekend and we all went to Goodwood and had some fabulous dinner. This is the group (minus James we suckered him into taking the picture) From Left to right... Erin, Nicki, Stacey, Chris, Madi, Mom, Alysia, Gioia (B-day girl) Jonathan.

Birthday girl and her boyfriend Jonathan

Erin practicing for her wedding photos... if she ever gets married :)

Mom and all her little princess'

My sisters boyfriend has a "dark jean" fetish so we all showed him a little leg in dark jeans... we were way too hot for him to handle!

Some More Summer Fun In August!

Well school started and I am back to teaching second grade. I am so happy to be in the classroom again and truly love my job, but I HATE leaving my little Madi everyday. At least I know she is well taken care of with daddy and all of her aunties she loves so much. Here are some of the fun pictures from our last days of summer in August.

Our last sunny day of swimming!

A walk to Bridal Falls

Madi gets her first bike... Thank you Grandma!

The cutest bum beach bum ever!