A-Z Tag!

A- Attached or Single: I'll be celebrating 3 years of marriage on June 4th!
B - Best Friends: Heather, she is my first true GIRL friend... I always hung with the boys ... that is until I got married and now I have many more great girl friends... Brook, Jen, Alysia, Cheryl, Karen, and many more of you.
C - Cake or Pie: Absolutelty no pie and I love cheap generic boxed cake mix, but it tastes much better as cupcakes.
D - Day of choice: Saturday... James is home and we can do whatever we feel like.
E - Essential Item: Wallet
F - Favorite Color: Blue-grey
G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Gummy Bears... I raid the bulk candy section at Ream's every week for them.
H- Hometown: Spring Valley, CA
I - Indulgence(s): coke, the real stuff, no diet for me.
J - January or July: nothing beats the summer sun in July.
K - Kids: 1 precious daughter Madison born 12-6-06
L - Life is incomplete without: My Family
M - Marriage Date: June 4, 2005
N - Number of Siblings: 2 brothers, 4 sisters
O - Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P - Phobias or Fears: Nada
Q - Quotes: "You are a once in a lifetime, never before on earth, never to be again personality, understand the importance of that." (I read it in a hallway at BYU 6 years ago.)
R- Radio station in your car right now: The Eagle 101.5
S - Season: Summer
T - Tag Three Friends: Jen MacKay, Cheryl, Jen Ross
U- Unknown fact about me: I absolutely hate eating when I wake up. I like to wait 3-4 hours before I eat of drink anything.
V - Very favorite store: Target... I always manage to find somthing I desperately need.
W - Worst habit: Cliking my tongue on my teeth and cutting off my husband's stories
X - X-ray or Ultrasound: Ultrasound
Y - Your favorite food: Chips and salsa. I always have them stocked at my house!
Z - Zodiac: Libra


My Miracle Baby Turned Into A Little Girl...

It seems like only yesterday Madi was born. Now when I look at her I don't see my baby, but a little (okay BIG) girl. I love spending everyday watching her grow and learn. She is a ball of energy that hardly ever sits still. I love her laughter, silly faces, constant chatter, hugs, and kisses. I love watching her play "mommy" with her baby as she feeds, rocks, and sings to her. I get a kick out of watching her play video games with her daddy and trying to play Wii by swinging the controller at the TV screen. I enjoy chasing her around the house all day with my keys as she heads for the back door with her baby and thinks she is going somewhere :) My favorite thing though is checking in on her asleep every night before i go to bed and making sure she is covered and warm and giving her one last kiss for the night. Watching the cutest girl in the world lay there asleep and then climbing into bed next to James reminds me that my dreams came true... I have a beautiful child and a loving husband who adores me. The folowing pictures are the evolution of Madison from a little baby to a little girl.

_______________________ Birth _______________________

______________________ 2 Weeks ______________________

_______________________ 1 Month _____________________

_____________________ 3 Months _____________________

_____________________ 6 Months _____________________

_____________________ 9 Months _____________________

_____________________ 12 Months _____________________

_____________________ 15 Months _____________________


Madi and Her Pillow

So we have had this big floor pillow downstairs for a year, but we recently brought it upstairs and Madi now has a new favorite toy. She spends a good majority of the day sitting, standing, falling, and rolling around on it. It is hilarious to watch. In this picture she is giving her daddy the cutest little smile so that he'll come and a ttack her with tickles! (And yes those are her smashed up goldfish on the carpet in the background!)

This is the calm before the storm. She looks like she is lying peacefully, but she is about to roll over and off the pillow which she finds so amusing.

This is Madi in action as she tumbles off and laughs hysterically. I have so much fun watching her little personality as she grows. She is definitely a little show-off and loves to get a reaction out of mom and dad, or anyone else paying attention. My favorite thing is when she walks backwards towards the pillow with this smug little look. She then attempts to sit down without looking and misses the entire pilloe and falls on her bum half of the time. She also will look at the pillow, look at me, then run and face plant/belly floop on the pillow. She thinks it's a crack up, but I think it just looks painful. I am so lucky to have such a happy and beautiful baby. I enjoy playing with her everyday... it just gets better and better!

Rascal Flatts

My sister Erin moved back to San Diego on Saturday. I miss her so much already, but she will be back in the fall and I'm counting down the days already. Before she left I went with her and my other sister Gioia to the Rascal Flatts concert and had the best time.

.................. Erin .............. Gioia .................. Me ..................

Before we went to the concert James, my brother-in-law Jared and Madi joined us for dinner at Mama Chu's. Then the boys went home and babysat for us. Thank you boys!



Sharing Clothes

Notice anything about these two pictures? Yes they switched skirts. The sad thing is my chunky, tall, big, whatever you want to call her 14 month old is sharing skirts with my almost 8 year old sister Nicki. While we were in san diego I was looking at my little sisters pink mini skirt she was wearing and thinking I'll bet that would fit Madi. Sure enough it did! And my sister easily fit into the 2T brown skirt Madi was wearing. I actually think Madi's diaper fills out the skirts more than my sister's skinny minnie booty. We'll probably look back in this picture in years and laugh about it. Here is another picture of Madi with her favotrite Auntie Nicki...