Everyday with Madi is a new adventure. At 2 1/2 she is still as independent, smart and funny as ever. Here are a few of my favorite moments from the last couple of weeks.

* Prayers: Madi has become very proficient in her prayers. She prays for almost everyone in the family ( Mom/Dad, Grandmas/Grandpas, Aunts/Uncles, Cousins, Great Grandma, etc.). But my favorite part of her prayers are how detailed they have become. Last week she thanked her Heavenly Father not only for her house, but her bed, and her table as well.  The other day she asked James to go to the park. He told they could go after her nap. So at nap time when Madi was saying her prayers she said, "Thank you for the park. Thank you for the slide. Thank you for the swings." I am pretty sure she was just making sure Daddy understood that she was serious about the park and didn't want him to forget to take her when she woke up!

* Time out: Just a few weeks ago Madi was having a rough day and not listening to anything she was told. It was dinner time and James and I were frustrated so we said, "Madi if you don't stop crying and eat your dinner then you need to sit on your bed." We had never done any form of timeout with her before so we figured she would ignore us (like she had been all day)... However, we were surprised when she said, "Okay, I sit on my bed." She walked to her room, got on her bed and sat there. We were in the kitchen looking at each other thinking, "Wow, that worked." About a minute later Madi yelled to us from her bedroom, "I done crying. I get down now?" We just started laughing... it was the funniest thing ever. She comes walking out of her room sits down and starts eating dinner. Since then she has had to sit on her bed a few times to calm herself down when she is being a drama queen.

But yesterday was the best! James was playing with her and fake crying. Madi looked at him as serious as can be and said, "Daddy no crying. Go sit on your bed two minutes!" James stated laughing and said, "I was just playing." Madi then deferred to me and said, "Mommy daddy not sit on his bed!" And being the fabulous mother and wife I am I said, "Honey you heard her go sit on your bed for 2 minutes!" Hey James, what goes around comes around.

* Reading: Today in church she wanted to read anything and everything she could find. And by reading I mean spelling out the letters of any word she sees. In the middle of sacrament (when it is dead silent) she says, "E-X-I-T... mommy where is the R? I can't find it!" and everyone looks over laughing.

*Sharing: Madi and I cooked cinnamon rolls for breakfast on Saturday and after waiting a bit for daddy to wake up I decided he might need some prodding. So I sent Madi into the bedroom with two cinnamon rolls on  a plate to wake up daddy. When Madi handed them to James, this is what they looked like...

Did you notice she licked/bite the frosting top off the one on the left? What a good little helper. She obviously doesn't want James to eat too many calories!

* We sure love this little girl!