Thank you for...

Jaks prayer tonight:

"Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the this day, thank you for the lights so we can see, thank you for my Spider-Man fruit snacks, thank you for my sister, thank you for my family. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen."

I love my little boy so much! He is so sweet and kind. Madi's little face lit up when he mentioned her.

If you look closely in the picture you can see the Spider-Man fruit snacks!


My Little Rascals

These pictures pretty much sum up life in our house!


Christmas Past

It was another fabulous Christmas in the Shores' house.
In fact, it was 3x the fun with three kids this year. 


"Oh yeah, who are you calling lazy?"

Look at me!

I am sitting like a big boy!

It has been a big week for Crew...
- 2 bottom teeth 
- First roll from belly to back
- Sitting for longer than 5 minutes without a tumble

I guess he was feeling the pressure of turning 7 months tomorrow 
and not having anything to show for it. Way to go little man!!


Madison Gage. Age 5.

I always feel so bad that Madi's birthday is in December in the freezing cold and we are limited to indoor partties. This year since the hot tub is indoors at our new house, we celebrated with a winter luau. The girls (and Jakson) had a lot of fun!