Our First Family Photo...

I got my birthday wish this year... a family picture with James smiling, Madi happy, and me with hair!! Last year we never got a picture of the three of us that was "acceptable" to publish.

For my birthday my great friends Brenden and Shay took our picture and some of Madi. They turned out really nice. Thanks guys.

Here is a preview...


Happy Early 2nd Birthday Madison!

While in Colorado we had an early birthday celebration for Madison. We weren't sure she would know what was going on, but she sure did. She sang Happy Birthday to herself, blew out the candles before we were done singing, and ripped open her presents!! I would say she definitely knew what was going on. The next day James and I found her closing her matching game then opening it over and over again saying, "Yeah!" She was pretending to reopen all her gifts because they were so much fun. She got her first My Little Pony, Memory Matching Game, and a Block/Shape Puzzle Cube.

Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Shores for such a great second birthday! We love you!

No Blue!

We had a great time celebrating Thanksgiving with Grandma & Grandpa Shores and Uncle Jared last weekend. Madi loved having her grandparents attention and love. However, her undivided attention went to their dog, Blue. Madison loves dogs, especially ones she can boss around all week. Here are some of the things she liked to say to the dog:
- "Come here Blue"
- "Down Blue"
- "Sit Blue"
and her favorite...
"NO BLUE!" as she threw her arms out or pointed her finger at him!

Here is a great picture of her and Grandpa hanging out in the back of the pick-up so Blue won't get her baby doll.

Here she is taunting Blue.

Enjoying some much loved puppy kisses.

3 Steps to Pottytraining a Bunny

Step 1: Show immense enthusiasm for potty training...

Step 2: Make sure you don't fall in...

Step 3: Smile to show encouragement and celebrate success! This step is usually followed by "Good Job" and continuous clapping!