San Elijo

We just experienced another great year beach camping. My family has been going every year since I was a little little girl. Each time we go the memories get better and better. I love spending this time with my family in one of my favorite places doing just about everything:
  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Body Boarding
  • Body Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Riding Bikes
  • Bocee Ball
  • Croquet
  • Reading
  • Talking
  • Playing Cards
  • Eating
  • S'mores
  • Campfires
  • Laughing
  • Digging Holes
  • Football
  • Napping
  • Relaxing
  • Sandcastles
... and just a little bit of sibling rivalry!

Kevin, Kade, PJ

Nicki and Madi


Stacey and Chris


Chris and Madi

Salt, sand and water makes great Bedhead

Lovely Ladies

Cheesie Pie

Madison and Luke


4th of July

I love the 4th of July because it is in the summer, the weather is always beautiful, and there are always lots of things to do with the family.

This year we started celebrating the 4th of July early. On Thursday the 3rd we went to Mount Timpanogos and hiked to the caves. None of us had been there and it was a steeper hike than we expected. Poor James hiked it with 50 lbs. of dead weight on his back: Madi 37 lbs. plus the carrier and snacks!! I felt bad, but he is such a stud he was still the first one to the top. After all, I married him for his bulging muscles. The hike was beautiful and the caves were amazing.

On the morning of the 4th my sisters and I woke up early at 5:45 and headed up Provo Canyon for our 11 mile run! We timed our running perfectly to end at the Freedom Festival Parade where My dad, James, Nicki and Madi were waiting. After watching a little of the parade we went home and mom had breakfast ready and waiting. We then headed to Seven Peaks Waterpark for a very relaxing and fun day. Following the waterpark was a B-B-Q at our house, cards, fire pit with s'mores, and sparklers. We didn't even watch the fireworks because we were more interested in stuffing our faces with the scrumptious s'mores!!


Ouray and Yankee Boy Basin

We just went on a weekend getaway to Colorado. It has been a long time coming. As we were driving there we realized the last time we were in Montrose was at Christmas. Jared was able to make the trip with us and we had a lot of fun with mom and dad. On Friday we went up to Ouray and walked around town. Madi had fun running up and down the streets, since she is finally big enough to go without being carried or in a stroller. We were going to hike up to a waterfall, but it started raining and James, Madi and I all had flip-flops on. Dumb Californians! Next time we will be better prepared. Here are some photos from the day...

Madi, Grandma and Grandpa Shores

Chris, Madi, and James

Possessed Madi

James, Madison, Christine

On Saturday we made the treacherous, but absolutely gorgeous drive up the canyon to Yankee Boy Basin. We tried to make this drive with my family when they were in Montrose for our wedding four years ago, but we didn't make it to the top. It is a really steep and narrow drive with no railing. My mom is afraid of "scary narrow dirt roads straight up the canyon with all of her beloved children in the car!" When we got to this spot and my dad squeezed my mom's Excursion under this overhang my mom convinced my dad that if he didn't stop he might be leaving Colorado a single man! Needless to say this is where we stopped and turned around.

This trip we made it to the top and hiked around for a bit then enjoyed some yummy snacks.

Madi and Daddy

Madison did a lot of this...

We saw more waterfalls than I could count. About every 1/4 of a mile on the drive up we saw one coming off the mountains and at the top of the basin there was a waterfall every couple of hundred feet! Some were big and beautiful and others were smaller and you could walk through them. Everything was so green and wet this time of year.

Jared, James, Dolly, Roger and Blue

Madi and her favorite dude, Uncle Jar-Jed

** No pictures of me on this hike... I was the designated photographer. I know you are all so sad, but don't worry... I will make an appearance soon :)