Splish Splash I Was Taking A Bath

Madison was being a little ham in the bath today. She will hardly ever smile at the camera so I took advantage of the opportunity and caught a picture of her beautiful happy smile as well as her mouth full of teeth.

And yes I know it's probably not the healthiest thing for her to drink her bath water everyday out of the cap to my shave gel... but you try explaining that to her cute little face when she is having the time of her life :)

Salt Lake City Marathon

On April 19th some of my family and I ran in the Salt Lake City Marathon. Here is us all stinky and sweaty after running the Half Marathon (13.1 miles) holding up our finishing place on our hands. We didn't come close to winning the race , but we all did so well and competed against each other. I had been planning to run the Full Marathon in June of 2006. I was about a month away from the race and had Madi growing in my stomach. I thought my training was going great until one day I just felt like I hit a wall and had no energy to run. I decided no to run the race and soon found out I had cancer. I then understood why by body didn't feel like running. It obviously thought pregnancy and cancer was enough to deal with. So this last fall while I was lying around in the hospital I came up with this great (I think I was delirious at the time) plan to run the Half Marathon in April. I somehow convinced my mom, dad, sisters (Erin, Stacey, Gioia and Gioia's Boyfriend Jonathon) and my Aunt Karen to compete with me. I am so thankful for them participating because without them I don't think I would have followed through. We all had such a fun time and a great weekend. Who knows maybe we will make it a yearly tradition and get the rest of the family involved next time.

Goggle Girl

So Madi found these goggles... need I say more!!

Point Loma Tide Pools

One of James' favorite places to go when we visit San Diego is the Point Loma Tide pools. It is always such a beautiful walk along the cliffs and fun to play in the tide pools. Unfortunately we went at high tide and didn't get to venture down too far with Madi. We still had a great time though. I miss living by the ocean so much... It is my most favorite place.

Madison was so cute. She would walk around and pick up the rocks one by one and hand them to James. She thought she was a good helper cleaning the beach up! Then she found a little puddle to play in. I just love watching her little mind work as she explores and experiences new things. Watching her learn is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences for me as a mom. I am so thankful for her sense of adventure and curiosity.



So this blog is a little late, but I have been sick for over two weeks now while in San Diego with my family so I just haven't cared much. Easter was so fun this year with Madi. I understand now why my parents love having everyone around on the holidays because they really are all about the kids. We re-started our old Family Tradition of going to El Monte Park the Saturday before easter for a picnic and egg hunt. Here are some pictures...

Victoria and Nicole




Madi and Luke

Coley, Gioia, Madi, Jonathon, Stacey

The Family... most of it at least

Madison actually knew what to do with the eggs... I was surprised because usually her attention span and patience aren't long enough to actually look for multiple eggs without pulling the first one apart to get the goodies... although that came very quickly as soon as her basket was filled.

On sunday Madi and I got really sick and spent the day on the couch... and then I spent the next coupl of weeks there with all the bugs that were going around. Oh well it was better to be sick with my family around to play and help with Madi then in Utah alone. We had a great family dinner on Easter Sunday as always.