A Little Lesson on Faith

Here are some highlights from a few weeks ago:

Incident #1:

Jaks- "Mom, when am I going to be in Iron Man?"
Me- "You already were Iron Man for Halloween."
Jaks- "No mom, I mean when am I going to be IN the Iron Man movie?"
Me- "You are not going to be in the movie honey."

...and then here comes Madi's contribution from the back seat...

Madi- "Jakson, If you want to be in the movie you can just say a prayer and ask Jesus and he will help   
            you be in the movie."
Jaks- "Nevermind mom, I'll just ask Jesus."

Incident #2:

I was tucking Madi into bed and she said...

Madi- "Mom, I asked Jesus for something once and he didn't do it."
Me- "Well honey what did you ask for?"
Madi- "I don't rememer, all I remember is that he didn't do it!"

It was really hard not to laugh cause I certainly have felt that way a time or two.

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